In Tallinn, Estonia



We have uploaded only basic Focus Day’s information to our webpage. Very-very soon you’ll see detailed program of our wonderful Pure Magic Congress!

Day 1. Transformation Day

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Based on Duke University study 40-45% of our daily actions are based on our habits. Even though our actions seem to be a result of our conscious decisions, they are often unconscious patterns.

That is why it’s really important to check in with your habits, to kick out the ones that don’t support you and implement the ones that help you build the life that you want. A life, where you can have both success and happiness.

If you are not happy with your life, it might be your habits that make you unhappy. Great news is that you can change them for habits that can make you happy and fulfilled. Transformation day is about getting aware of the habits that are getting in your way and implementing the ones that support your success and happiness.

This keynote day is about learning how to make impossible into possible by identifying and erasing limiting beliefs that have secretly held you back from reaching your true potential. You will get clear strategies for keeping yourself on track with your goals, dreams and desires.

This day will give a lot of inspiration to you and your soul to help you create the magic you have destined to make in your life.

Transformation Day is organized in collaboration with Edu Akadeemia (Success Academy). Edu Akadeemia is the biggest personal development company in Estonia. Their mission is to bring out every person’s true potential. Edu Akadeemia makes a positive impact on people’s lives by bringing the world’s best teachers, knowledge and practices to Estonia (over 2% of the whole population is on their mailing list)

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