In Tallinn, Estonia


Tallinn for the First Timers

Dates: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 November

Duration: 2,5h 

Price: 35 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

All “the must see-s” in Tallinn – Kadriorg Park, Song Festival grounds, Kalamaja, National Library and Opera House, Freedom Square

Do not miss the chance to see all the magical spots of Tallinn. During this bus tour, you will get a perfect overview of the city starting from modern skyscrapers to lovely wooden suburb and sea district.

Join this tour to get a quick and comprehensive Tallinn experience with a comfort of sitting down and relaxing at the same time.

Tallinn Ghosts and Legends Tour

Dates: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 November

Duration: 2h 

Price: 20 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

Danish King’s Garden, Toompea Hill, Town Hall square and some other famous sites in Tallinn Old Town, and of course – creepy ghost stories

Enjoy the evening walk through the picturesque Tallinn Old Town in the company of mysterious medieval ghosts. Feel the ancient magic and get to know the dark side of Tallinn’s Old Town, where the tales of ghosts and murders are at their most frightening. Learn about the surprising secrets behind many landmarks of Tallinn.  

Join this tour if you want to experience Tallinn Old Town from a new and adventurous angle.

Tallinn Roof Top Tour

Dates: 3, 5, 7 November

Duration: 3h 

Price: 69 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

KGB Museum, Tallinn TV Tower

Experience a breathtaking view over Tallinn from the highest building in Estonia – a 314 meters high TV tower. Discover the secret world of a notorious KGB officer. This tour will take you back to quite recent history of Estonia and guarantee you a fun time in one of the most popular culture and leisure spots in Tallinn. Psstt, let us tell you a secret … inside the TV tower, in the television studio, you can record and broadcast video greetings as a gift for your loved ones at home.
Join this tour to get a birds eye view of Tallinn, to hear a little about Estonian recent history and – to have some fun along the way.

KGB Tour

Dates:  4, 6, 8 November

Duration: 1h 

Price: 11 EUR per person

Tour highlights:

KGB museum, Hotel Viru

Once upon a time, there was a hotel called Viru. The year was 1972 and a little less than 20 years remained until the end of the Soviet era. The hotel for foreigners also had to suit the national security body – KGB …

In the 1960s the Soviet authorities decided to bring some of the billions circulating in global tourism to the USSR. The country needed hotels suitable for foreigners, and these hotels had to accommodate KGB as well. The Viru Hotel, open in 1972, is full of various stories – stories about the hotel itself, Soviet society and the development of Estonia.

Join this tour to get a glimpse of Estonia’s interesting history.

Lahemaa National Park

Dates: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 November

Duration: 7h 

Price: 79 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

Jägala Waterfall, Viru Bog, Altja Fisherman Village, Sagadi Manor

Almost half of Estonia is covered with forest. That’s why it’s no wonder that Estonians have a deep connection with nature and they love to go to the wild to find fresh energy. Join this tour to experience the purest untouched nature in it’s best. Be ready to hike through the mystical Viru bog on a 3,5 km long wooden trail over the wetlands. And let the beauty of the manors and stories about the local fishermen life touch your soul and give you inspiration.

Join this tour to purify your mind and soul and experience some of the “must see” places in Estonia.

3-Day Visa-Free Cruise Helsinki – St. Petersburg – Helsinki

Dates: 1-3 November

Duration: 3 days 

Price: 458 EUR per cabin / 487 EUR per cabin (2 persons)

Tour Highlights:

Cruise, Princess Anastasia, Peter and Paul Fortress, St. Isaac’s Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Nevsky Prospect, Hermitage

Is there anything better than a comfortable calm holiday on board the magnificent ferry accompanied by your friend? Let’s also add here fine cuisine from the Italian chef, the stunning evening show program and a multitude of things to buy in the Duty Free shop. You will have a warm welcome from St. Petersburg, in all its royal splendour, wrapped in a light veil of the sky, decorated with palaces and cathedrals.

Go for a walk along Nevsky Prospect, get lost among the galleries of the Hermitage, one of the best museums in the world, and have a snack on one of the many picturesque embankments. It’s your chance to solve the mystery of charming St. Petersburg.

Join this tour to enjoy the beauty of North Venice for a day without a visa.

Banya Party

Dates: 3, 5, 7 November

Duration: 3h 

Price: 65 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

Sauna experience, Relaxing time, health, wellbeing, fun within warm and grill food

Are you wild enough to join the party in the extremely hot wooden house? Banya – sauna experience of Russian type. It is a place to get together with friends and family, and slapping one another with bundles of specially prepared twigs and leaves called viht. At the end of the sauna, you should be brave enough to slosh all over the body ice water or jump into a cold pool. In winter, some craze people even simply head outside and roll around the snow.

Join this party to get in a few hours an inclusive sauna experience with jumping in the ice water and slapping friends with tree leaves.

Living on the Edge. Peipsiveer

Dates: 6th November

Duration: 13h 

Price: 101 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

Alatskivi Castle, Kolkja museum, Peipsimaa visitor Center, Kostja’s Onion Farm

Experience an astonishing and magnificent beauty of Peipsi coast enriched with colours and traditional culture. Peipsi area is known as the home of Old Believers, a traditional religious minority recognized as hard-working and skillful fishermen, builders and keen onion cultivators. Here you’ll find aristocratic mansions, lighthouses, traditional market culture, and colourful cottages marking.

Join this tour to make sure Peipsi has nothing in common with drink and to taste home-cooked dinner with the many pastries and onion dishes available.

Home Visits on Kihnu Island

Dates: 2, 7 November

Duration: 14h 

Price: 126 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

Island under UNESCO protection, home visits, home-brewed beer, folk costumes, motorbikes, farm life

Looking for something culturally unique? Take the tour to Kihnu island, a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage island ruled by women! During this trip, you will have an opportunity to take a glimpse into the unique matriarchal society distinguished from the whole world in the manner of existence. You can see the content of a Kihnu women’s casket and the richness of aprons, skirts, and scarves that it holds as well as see how a Kihnu woman weaves the kört, familiarize yourself with the fishing equipment of a Kihnu man and find out who drives the motorcycle/sidecar in the family.

Join this tour if you wish to have a look at the traditional everyday clothes, style of home life, activities, music and food culture preserved over the centuries.

Living on the Edge. Setomaa

Dates: 2-3, 9-10 November

Duration: 2 days 

Price: 205 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

Unique way of singing, handicraft workshop, folk costumes, nature, Seto farm museum, Värska Church, Värska Spa Hotel, Podmotsa village

Estonia is full of undiscovered gems and the Setomaa is one of them. Just imagine yourself living on this separated land the same way your ancestors lived hundreds of years ago, can you? Well, you will get such an opportunity. During two days, learn about farming, take a handicraft workshop and add to your list another heritage experience — Seto’s singing, unique in its style and technique songs are likely to captivate your heart.

Join the tour to discover the unique culture, traditions, and food of Setomaa.

3-Day Trip to Riga

Dates: 1, 9 November

Duration: 3 days 

Price: from 294 EUR per person

Tour Highlights:

Pre-tour, post-tour, Art Nouveau architecture, Halinga car museum, Latvian food market, Sigulda medieval castle, Turaida castle, Riga Old Town, Gauja National Park, Cesis

The capital of Latvia is known as a city of cultural heritage, unique architecture and modern lifestyle. Take the maximum of your time and grab a chance to see this Baltic country.

Right after arrival, enjoy the evening with the accompaniment of famous Black Balsam. As Riga is called “Paris of the North” during the tour, you’ll walk along the narrow streets of both modern and the medieval Hanseatic town and enjoy the splendors architecture. And if you are curious about Latvian cuisine, then you will have a great chance to discover the local food market. On the last day, you will visit the best preserved medieval castles and castle ruins in Cesis and Sigulda to get to know with the medieval lifestyle in Latvian territory within the spectacular countryside.

Join this tour to know all the secrets of “Paris of the North” and enjoy the spectacular Latvian countryside.

Feel the Spirit of Lapland

Dates: 1-3 November

Duration: 3 days, 2 nights

Price: 565 EUR double room / 645 EUR single room (per person)

Tour Highlights:

Handicraft workshop, Santa Claus Village, Ranua Wildlife Park, polar bears, Northern lights, Rovaniemi, wild nature

Did you ever wish to see the polar lights? How about a polar bear? With a tour to Finish Lapland, you have a chance to see even much more of magic untouched expanses.
You will discover what is inside the wooden walls of a traditional Lappish home, as a local family warmly welcomes you to step in. With their guidance, you will try the art of reindeer antler carving. Get familiar with not only customs but also the fauna of Lapland. Visiting the Ranua Wildlife Park you will meet the only polar bears living in Finland and enjoy picturesque landscapes. But save your camera for a very special place – the home of Santa Clause! Drop in where the most magical night of the year is creating and don’t forget to ask for your next Christmas gift.

NB! This tour starts from Rovaniemi, the lively capital of Finnish Lapland. The tour price does not include flights to Finland.

Join this tour for the wilderness of Lapland and Christmas mood.

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