Clean World Day


 Friday, 8 November 2019

Kalevi Spordihall (Juhkentali 12)


Changing the world is a matter of habit!

Clean World Day is organized in collaboration with the Let’s Do It Foundation. Over the years they have mobilised 36 million positive-minded, action-orientated people in 169 countries. 

We present to you the underlying set of principles to plan, implement and promote sustainable strategies – The Keep It Clean Plan

Throughout the Clean World day, you have an opportunity to learn:

  • How to become sustainable with the practical steps and tools and have impact on the quality of your life.
  • Come and learn how to implement programs based on the Clean Up Day experience
  • Discover the possibility of sustainable business and empower yourself to impact the policy-making as an active citizen.

Program of the Day


9.00-9.15 | Colm Flynn, Representative from the Let’s Do It Foundation

9.15-9.20 | Colm Flynn, Questions from the audience

9.20-9.50 | Why do we need a plan? Mattias Iweborg

9.50-10.20 | Can attractive returns and positive impact go hand in hand? Anne-Louise Thon

10.20-10.25 | Colm Flynn, Questions from the audience

10.25-10.55 | Civic Mobilization: How does it work and why is it so hard? Kathleen Rogers

10.55-11.00 | Colm Flynn, Reflecting with the audience

11.00-11.30 | The good shade of lobby. Is there one? Alberto Alemanno

11.30-12.30 | Lunch

12.30-13.00 | Using wood to its full potential – redefining developments within wood processing industry, Peep Pitk

13.00-13.30 | Sticking to the plan in the board room, Gunter Pauli

13.30-14.15 | The key disagreements between sectors on waste and how can we overcome them? Led by Colm Flynn, co-featuring audience questions, Gunter Pauli, Kathleen Rogers, Alberto Alemanno

14.15-14.45 | In the spotlight: Kersti Kaljulaid, President of Estonia

14.45- 15.15 | Coffee break

15.15-15.30 | Sustainable event management: recaps from how the day was organised and how the day itself has been sustainable

15.30-16.00 | Inspiration for daring to take on challanges. Robert Karjel

16.00-16.15 | JCI Award Ceremony
Recognising the most outstanding participants in World Cleanup Day

16.15-16.30 | Closing of the day



Our host

Colm Flynn is an award-winning Irish radio and TV presenter with a passion for telling stories. Constantly traveling the world, you can see him on Irish TV screens where he is a reporter on the hugely popular ‘TODAY’ show! Over on the BBC World Service, Colm reports on a show called ‘OUTLOOK’ where he meets inspirational people who have amazing stories to tell. These interviews are broadcast to 22 million people around the globe on the BBC network. “I get such a thrill from traveling the globe and meeting new people. I’m constantly in awe of how humans can thrive in the face of adversity and I feel lucky I get to share their stories with the world.”
Colm also is one half of the superhuman duo who presented the epic 24-hour non-stop live broadcast during World Cleanup Day.
Presenter / Producer

Keynote speakers of the day

Why do we need a plan?


Mattias Iweborg,  Co- founder and managing director of Enact.

Adressing some shocking myths and false solutions that are stopping real change from happening. What can go wrong when we follow only main stream examples of sustainability. Mattias Iweborg

– Ignorant and greenwashed marketing
– Costly charity not CSR
– Plastic vs biodegradable and more… This session will be a booster for the day, possibly infuriating many for breaking dogmas and raising underlying questions in the form of ‘if THIS is not right, then how?’ – all to be answered during the day.

Mattias Iweborg is the founder and managing director of Enact Enact Sustainable Strategies, one of the largest dedicated sustainability consultancies in the Nordic Region. He has worked as an international advisor within the field of responsible business and sustianability for the past 17 years. He has assisted numerous multinational companies and organisations from most industries across the private and public sector in Europe, Asia and Africa. He has supported a large range of clients with strategy development and implementation, linking the core business of the organization to sustainability, building the internal capacity to implement strategies, risk management, supply chain management, brand development, reputation management and all aspects of non-financial reporting.

Can attractive returns and positive impact go hand in hand? 

Anne-Louise Thon, Co-founder SDG Invest

Anne-Louise brings more than 20 years of sustainability experience from a variety of countries and sectors. She has a master’s in communication and economics and a Cambridge Sustainability Leadership. She has worked as Head of Sustainability and International Development at PwC, Denmark, and sits on various boards and advisory committees.

Anne-Louise has made it her mission to prove that sustainable investments are profitable investments. Consequently, she has founded two unique concepts within sustainable and impact investing: SDG Invest, which is the first investment fund in Europe, that uses the SDGs as a proactive tool to invest in global companies. And, the Global Impact Club (GIC), which is a network of HNWIs with a focus on impact investing and education in the promotion of the SDGs.


Anne-Louise has made it her mission to prove that sustainable investments are profitable investments. Focusing on sustainable investing, Anne-Louise will speak about how companies can proactively work for the SDGs, and why money is moving from traditional investing to responsible investing. Anne-Louise will give examples of businesses which are able to integrate sustainability in business operations for example by utilising waste as a resource and as a new business opportunity.

What makes an investment socially responsible?

Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network

Kathleen Rogers, President of Earth Day Network, has worked for more than 20 years as an environmental attorney and advocate, focusing on international and domestic environmental public policy and law. She gives inspiring examples of how changes into policies or doing business have happened through civic interventions.

The good shade of lobby. Is there one?


Alberto Alemanno, 2015 Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum 

Alberto empowers people to be every day lobbyists for the good cause they believe in and in the best meaning of the word, could be much more useful and refreshing. His performance will reveal how to understand what are valid arguments in any battle, how to choose them yourself and how to recognise greenwash.

See more about lobbying for change here.

Using wood to its full potential – redefining developments within wood processing industry

Peep Pitk
R&D Manager of AS Graanul Invest
It is more and more claimed, that everything done from fossil resources can soon be made of wood. True, but how and for what cause?
Perspectives of the wood processing industry transformation will be shared by taking insight into basic principles behind the development of first of a kind wood fractionation technology demonstration plant in Estonia.

Sticking to the plan in the board room

Gunter Pauli, “The Steve Jobs of Sustainability” ,a man who has published over 20 books in +30 languages and sold over 17 million copies worldwide. Gunter Pauli, the father of The Blue Economy is now challenging the green movement that he has been part of: to do better, to do more. 

“We have to go beyond the green! Green is great, but not enough!” – so how to choose, what should be the first step towards doing buiness sustainably? Something that would be easy enough to want to try to do more, but meaningful enough to be impactful? See TEDx talk ON THE BLUE ECONOMY  here.

See more about Gunter Pauli from here:

Inspiration for daring to take on challenges

Robert Karjel, helicopter pilot and lieutenant colonel in the Swedish Air Force

In 2010, he commanded a helicopter squadron that fought heavily-armed pirates off the coast of Somalia. In 2013, a new unit of Blackhawk helicopters he built for Sweden deployed to Afghanistan, where it performed combat medical evacuations for more than one year.

Karjel speaks about forging successful organizations by creating momentum in the individual. He shows how a person’s fear of failure can be redirected into a collective desire to achieve something grand. Through concrete he explains how teamwork is accomplished, and how decision-making under pressure can be understood and facilitated. Robert inspires organizations and individuals to successfully meet new tasks, despite external and internal problems and an individual’s self-doubt or even fear.

In October 2007, a group of concerned Estonians came together to discuss the need to do something about the 10,000 tons of illegal waste, which had been dumped in the nature. An idea was born to organise a collective action day and clean it all up at once. The first Let’s Do It Clean Up Day took place in 2008 uniting over 4% of the country’s population and has grown ever since into a global movement. 

After 10 years, Let’s Do It has become more than just a cleanup initiative. By engaging millions of people to notice trash, time has come to embrace the opportunity and focus on ways how to eliminate waste from our economy and ensure efficient use of all resources. 

3rd of Estonia is covered with the trees that makes ecology and environment important assets of the country.

Estonia is ranked as 4th country with the cleanest air in the world

Overview of the Day’s program: